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7-th Balkan Cavers Camp Njegusi 2013

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Njeguši, county Cetinje - MONTENEGRO

The 7th Balkan Cavers' Camp took place in the village of Njeguši, county Cetinje in Montenegro from 26th to 30th June 2013. .

The 7th Camp was organized by the Montenegrin Speleology Commission presided by Mr. Marko Zornija.

On 26th June, a total of 133 cavers from eight countries gathered in Njeguši:

Bulgaria – Petar Baron – the President of Bulgarian Federation of Speleology and 62 other cavers from 14 Bulgarian caving clubs;

Greece – Lefteris Tzelepis – Equipment Secretary of the Hellenic Federation of Speleology and Stelios Zacharias (BSU Vice president); 5 other Greek cavers from 1 club;

Romania – Tiberio Tulucan – representative of the Romanian Federation of Speleology, as well as 26 Romanian cavers from 10 clubs;

Serbia – Matija Petković – Representative of Serbian Speleological Association with 6 cavers from 3 clubs

Slovenia – Rajko Bračić, the President of JRZ Slovenia with 25 cavers from 7 clubs

Croatia – 4 participants from KS HPS

Poland – 3 cavers from Klub Wisokogorski Krakow (who participated in the organization of the event)

Montenegro was the host country and there were 9 cavers (from 3 clubs) who all played an active role in the organisation of the event.

The official opening of the Camp took place on the evening of 26th June. The event was opened by Mr. Marko Zornija in the presence of numerous local community representatives as well as the Municipality of Cetinje and the Head of Tourist organization of Cetinje Ana Ivanović. The activities for the following days were presented.


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